Tue Jul 15 13:53:51 CEST 2008

control.ss and label.ss

About the space between state:2stack and state:compiler. It is
possible to define the control primitives in 2stack using the 'label'
pseudo-op as it used to be. Later replacing 'label' with the
intelligent construct in instantiate.ss gives the possibility to build
structured code graphs. Maybe it's worth to separate both?

This works well. It leaves the words

     exit or-jump sym label:

as hooks that can be used to plug in the control flow analysis code
from instantiate.ss

The code then uses the pseudo ops:

     label jw/if

To represent labels and conditional jumps.

Finalized this: added separate control/ project directory and renamed
the remaining macro/ to comp/ to indicate it's purely about
compilation (code tree generation) and postprocessing, not about
language definition.