Mon Jul 14 14:55:20 CEST 2008

Generating optimal code with confidence


 "A Methodology for Generating Verified Combinatorial Circuits", Joint
 work with Kedar N. Swadi and Walid Taha. roc. of EMSOFT'04, the
 Fourth ACM International Conference on Embedded Software, September
 27-29, 2004, Pisa, Italy. ACM Press, pp. 249 - 258.

This paper and related work seems to be a ticket into the field of
Resource Aware Programming (RAP), to find a way to place Staapl's
dynamic type approach, and see how static type systems can be of
benefit. Reference number [3] talks about a linear functional
language, which is pretty close to where i'm going.

The roadmap seems to be something like:
 * get educated about type systems (TAPL)
 * see what there is to learn abot Cat's type system
 * translate this to a type system for Coma


[3]  related to http://www.sac-home.org/
[30] "Generating heap-bounded programs in a functional setting", TAHA
     Walid, ELLNER Stephan, HONGWEI XI.

Resource aware programming:
  * highly expressive untyped substrate
  * stage distinction
  * static type systems

The latter is about typing code/circuit generators so they can be
composed. I don't know what the untyped substrate is about.