Wed Jul 2 21:47:25 CEST 2008

that DSP language

Buzzword time. Or, what are the different ideas I'm trying to solve at
the same time by being confused for months in a row.. Basically, I
can't take the time to read all research on this topic, and find it
hard to follow such without proper hands-on experience. So how far can
I actually get with common sense alone?

  * dynamicly typed metaprogramming (Purrr)
  * concatentative composition based languages + evaluation time

  * an algebra of programming languages / rewrite rules
  * real-time memory allocation + organization: maximise locality
  * combining protyping + implementation (meet-in-the-middle language)
  * solve the tiling + shifting problem

Currently I got a 2 projects to finish (snowcrash + staapl PIC18), but
after that, I need some free hacking time to tackle the next problem,
or some study time. Before I do anything else, I need to do:

   * Pierce TAPL
   * Muchnick ACDI