Wed Jul 2 01:01:45 CEST 2008


got lost in chaotic patterns again.. what i've been doing last couple
of days:

 - LFSR + Hough
 - Reading the FP paper + joy rewriting (algebra of programs)
 - misc stuff about point-free languages
 -                  metaprogramming
 - simplified core semantics: 2stack -> 1stack + sexp (code quotations)

EDIT: using dynamic-wind

(define c (make-custodian))
(parameterize ((current-custodian c))
  (thread (lambda ()
                (lambda () (let l () (sleep 1) (l)))
                (lambda () (printf "shutting down\n"))))))

nope, doesn't work either

Custodians don't manage processes, and it doesn't look like there is a
way around that.. Maybe ignore the problem for now? Or try to get
something similar working with subprocess?

Maybe the "double fork" trick works here?