Wed Jun 25 12:12:03 CEST 2008

code registration

The point is to record all word structs as they appear in code, in the
proper load order. This operation should be nestable. The problem I
run into is that 'define' needs toplevel/module context, and making
code registeration nestable seems to conflict with this: trying a
parameter gives problem, because the defines will be expanded in an
expression context.

If it can't be made nestable, let's make the code storage write-once.

Maybe it's better to define 'compilation unit' (one invokation of
'register-code' per 'forth-begin'   = module or load.

The problem to solve is to figure out which code was already
uploaded. Maybe it should just be marked? Done.

The remaining problem is: how to handle errors during upload? It might
be wiser to only mark code as synced AFTER upload was successful. Lets
provide an enumerator interface instead.