Thu Jun 19 15:06:04 CEST 2008

lazy-connect: book vs. conversation

about the 'current state' issue for interactive development. i guess
it's ok to have state. the previous approach of making everything
temporary is maybe a bit too brutal.

i.e. a current connection is really ok. use custodians to manage that
kind of stuff, not parameters.

On the other hand, for lowlevel interaction it might be a good idea to
flush buffers on every message exchange, since things tend to go

basic interaction works:
box> (with-io-device '("/dev/ttyUSB0" 9600) (lambda () (scat> ping)))

ordinary target access seems to work without trouble. the thing that
needs to change is interaction with the target dictionary, which is
now a scheme namespace + serialization, incremental compilation and
code upload.