Wed Jun 11 17:37:45 CEST 2008

some slogans..

.. to later remember why some decisions are taken

* it's important to have purely functional macros + some abstract way
  of handling the threaded state.

* for the parser i've opted not to, because this purely functional
  infrastructure is not necessary: it's merely a frontend for forth
  code, and has a composition mechanism in the form of substitution
  macros.  internally it uses an explicit serial interpreter ('next'

* i'm trying to find a good trade-off between low-level control
  (i.e. raw jump tables, where the language is basicly an assembler)
  and high-level code analysis and manipulation, which serve as the
  basis for high-level metaprogramming constructs.

* yes, i like to split the code in chunks of about 300 lines