Tue Jun 10 23:44:47 CEST 2008


last two months have been, well, long..
i didn't get so much done really. mostly reorganizing, fixing bugs and
thinking about the new features.. some topics:

  * load vs. require, module expander and redefining words
  * org and labels + multiple entry/exit points
  * namespace juggling (badnop)
  * parser cleanups + new syntax for scheme expr + code quotations
  * documentation
  * simulator ideas + dataflow language

so i did get things done, they were just more difficult than
anticipated.. all of them involved significant choices and
backtracking on dead ends, not much straightforward coding as i
expected. maybe that's a good thing in the end.. it's just that now
i'm a bit drained on the creative front.

once compilation works (maybe tomorrow?) the road onward should really
be straightforward: port the interaction code, and solve bugs in the
compiler that are exposed. the goal should be to move to a working
'ping' beginning next week.