Sun Jun 8 17:39:24 CEST 2008

new names

It's difficult to pick good names. The current ones: brood, purrr and
scat are a bit difficult to google because they are all common terms.

I was thinking about STAAPL, which is a creative spelling of stapel,
the dutch word for stack. Maybe retrogrammed as STAck and Array
Programming Language. Another one is Staprola, stack programming
language. No google hits on that.

Or something completely meaningless? Wurzon/Kamizi? What about calling
the whole system Staapl, calling the pure language Wurzon and the
Forth layer on top Kamizi? Hmm.. the most important thing is the name
of the project. Let's try staapl for a while.

EDIT: main project is now called staapl.