Sat Jun 7 11:17:15 CEST 2008


trying to figure out exactly where to put things.

  1. support system = toplevel application namespace
  2. one namespace per compiler / project.

the parser and lexer for the REPL obviously should be in 2. so it
needs an interface. also, it's probably best to make the interface to
the repl a macro.

uptil now, there were only modules. each module brings its own lexer
and parser. the result is Scheme definitions. to add repls, each repl
needs to be attached to a lexer and a parser.

the problem i run into now is that purrr/repl.ss pulls in too much
dependencies, mostly because of purrr/forth.ss
the latter should be factored a bit more.. fixed..

ok.. think i got it working: purrr.ss imports the whole purrr base
layer with forth syntax (parser words) AND a repl macro.

next: fix a problem with module loading.. infinite loop when requiring
an .f file

hmm... looks like i have a problem. increased the limit to 100mb and
now it works.. it runs in 26 mb too..