Tue May 27 16:27:19 CEST 2008

embedding s-expressions in Forth code

In order for the parser code to work properly, new parsers should be
able to work from within a file. This creates a problem because not
all forms can be identified before parsers are created.

This problem can be bypassed by allowing genuine s-expression syntax
for the parsers. That would also allow parsers to be nested.

{ parsers
  { { variable name }  { create name 1 allot } }
  { { 2variable name } { create name 2 allot } }

Why not make this go a bit further and allow generic scheme code? This
would solve basicly all other syntax problems with forth files. Maybe
this is also the right way to map Forth syntax to scheme..

Quick hack works fine, except for one small problem: it doesn't get
evaluated at the right time. Maybe moving everything to toplevel by
using this as primitive syntax can help?