Fri May 23 09:31:17 CEST 2008

introduction documentation

- It is about language:

     * Lisp (more specifically PLT Scheme)
     * Forth (the Purrr dialect)

- It is about Meta-language: Macros

     * S-expressions (Lisp) and concatenative syntax (Forth) are easy
       to process. It's possible to make an all syrup Squishee.

     * Forth, viewed as a functional language, has an arbitrary
       evaluation order. This presents an opportunity for generating
       static, specialized low-level code from high-level templates by
       employing implicit compile-time evaluation. The Purrr
       experiment is about making Forth more declarative.

- Design is accessible.

     * Unit of composition = Scheme module.
     * Forth source files are Scheme modules
     * Design is layered: Scat, Macro, Compiler, Forth syntax, ...

- Goal
     * Small business and enthousiasts first
     * Test in industry setting (needs a specific problem to solve)

Now, this should be elaborated in a couple of chapters, with lots of