Thu May 22 21:13:30 CEST 2008

no more juice

Looks like i need to take some time off of the project, do some other
things. Looking at what i did in the last 2 weeks:

   * delimited continuations for loop body optimization: strict vs. lazy

   * trying to fix org, it's still not fixed (language design issue: i
     have no way to annotate this in the current structured

   * struggling with specialization (redefine + super) and plugin

   * trying to write documentation for the project

   * thinking about simulators, and simulator generators

The good things that happened: cleaned up compiler data structures +
separated postprocessing optimizations. Those look nice now. The rest
was a random walk, however, the EXTEND and LINK problems are quite
important, and as far as i can see the only real hurdle.