Wed May 21 15:06:03 CEST 2008

hooks / late binding and kernel modularity

this problem is more serious that i thought. it's not only used for
constants, but for generic macros. maybe add something like a
'macro-hook' which is like a parameter, but doesn't guarantee anything
about code generation.

i need to think a bit deeper about linking and modularity.. the pure
bottom-up approach won't work well. maybe the 'unit' approach is
really better?

is it possible to import a module called 'link.f' that implements the
cyclic name resolution?

am i going to be anal about names? i'm already going quite far with
early binding.. consistency counts.. the 2 uses are:

  * compiler extension by redefining some core macros (i.e. 'dup')
  * code parameterization (both constants and generic macros)

wait a minute..

if code generation can be postponed until all the macros have been
loaded, then simply adding stub macros that are redefined later would
work just fine.

maybe best to take the inelegance and get the damn monitor to run.. in
essence, it's a problem with the .f source code. any abstraction
necessary to make that code more modular can be added later.

EDIT: it really gets in the way.. 'route' gives problems. but that can
be imported? this problem is solvable, but requires some thought..