Mon May 19 13:29:15 CEST 2008

assembler directives

The brood assembler has relatively few assembler directives. This is
intentional: the assembler performs ONLY linking and relaxation (and
in the future possibly related operations that optimze these
processes, such as code reordering.)

However, in the PURRR language, some control over code location is
desired. How to satisfy

  - control over address location
  - chained code to facilitate re-ordering

Yes, it's 'org' again..

Maybe it's best to let 'org-push' save the chain list too, that way
'org-pop' can ensure there is only one chain, which is what we want..

(maybe this should just push everything, making the internal compiler
state acessible to some macros?)

Trying: pop-chain will save the recorded chains as only one
chain. This works: ensures at least compilation at correct address.

So, this fixes the chain bug for org-push/pop, but still doesn't
provide an 'org'. Maybe this needs to be specified somewhere else?