Tue May 13 20:33:58 CEST 2008

org (non-declarative code)

boot.f contains non-declarative code that calls 'org'.

so.. how to fix org?

the result should be a word struct that has an assigned address. the
problem however is that the assembler forces addresses. so this needs
a fix in the assembler and the compiler.

the problem with org is that a word can start at a certain location,
but be split after that. the previous mechanism might not be so bad

switching back to pointers = collection of shallow binding stacks.

ok. now how to solve this in forth?
there needs to be room for assembler directives OUTSIDE of code

nope.. this violates some entry point stuff..

the org shouldn't be an assembler directive, but some command attached
to the list of words passed to the assembler.

ok, implemented in the compiler: per word, there's one instruction
that can be passed to the assembler about where to assemble the code.

how to specify this in the language? it's really like ':', but
different.. it would benefit from some kind of parameterization.. this
is a tough one: jeopardizing the clean per-word forth defs..