Fri May 9 18:12:11 CEST 2008

concatenative family (Cat language)

it's time to dive into Joy, Factor and Cat again to see where things
are different. especially Cat, since Christopher and me are doing
similar things for 2 years now with little interaction, and with a
slightly different focus. in SCAT:

 * ties to scheme are important. my goal is not to write a stand-alone
   language. hence the choice of PLT Scheme, which is pretty big..

 * SCAT is dynamically typed.

 * SCAT is not linear.

 * MetaCat: i use term rewriting, but in a different part: i see no
   need for SCAT metaprogramming other than introducing
   non-concatenative language elements to support Forth. otoh,
   rewriting is _very_ important in the PIC18 code generator. however,
   the code that is rewritten is symbolic assembly code, not SCAT code.

 * SCAT is only used to support MACRO. it's probably not general
   enough as a full programming language. however, things are easily
   snarfed from Scheme. (with Dave's move to PLT Scheme for Fluxus,
   there is an interesting road to travel there though..)

TODO: relation to Factor and Joy.