Tue Apr 29 19:19:57 EDT 2008


last couple of weeks were dark. what came out?

* using inheritance + abstract factory gives a much simpler solution
  to hidden state threading than composable continuations. inheritance
  solves state read, while abstract factory solves functional state

* read-only parameters are ok for macros, but mutable parameters or
  mutable closed variables used for determining code output are not:
  if continuations are to be used to perform certain optimizations by
  trial and error, it's best to stick to pure functions. (i don't care
  so much about referential transparency as i care for macro side

* i've got a little more intuitive understanding of monads, and am now
  of the opinion that they are too general for what i'm trying to
  do. also: absence of polymorphism makes them hard to use in
  scheme. and, what i'm trying here might fit better under the arrow
  abstraction, but i'm unfamiliar with that.