Wed Apr 9 18:13:49 EDT 2008

conditional jumps -> more static assembly rep

something to think about is if it is possible to find a common
primitive for for .. next and other loops.

ha.. something else: assembler constants need to be bound: no more
symbolic magic. maybe also a good time to require assembler opcodes to
be bound names + perform arity checks?

also added an opcode check: it's probably best to just replace that
with module name bindings in the (asm) namespace though, so all checks
can be automated. however, that does require either moving the
assembler to compile time, or using namespaces + eval. a big hurdle is
the implementation of the pattern matcher: it uses symbols. since the
assembler namespace is flat, and not so big, and quite constant, it
doesn't really need to be managed.. let's keep it like it is, but add
an arity check.

it would be nice to have some things available at compile time though,
like arity checks. might combine both the symbolic matching AND some
static name binding?