Fri Apr 4 12:09:02 EDT 2008

what is an extension?

so.. i'd like to keep the hierarchical module approach, which means
that several language modules can be built on top of the same code,
without the need for different module instances. this requires at
least that the FUNCTIONALITY of the module's data structures (words)
is not modified. in that respect the current approach with parameters
is OK.

so, an extension is a PARAMETERIZATION of the core compiler, such that
it generates target-specific code using abstractions provided by the

currently, each extension needs to know which words are to be extended
using 'with-patterns' or 'with-compositions' macros.

now, does it make sense to have 'with-xxx' automatically define names
if they do not exist yet, with 'super' bound to an exception?

or should i just forget about all this nonsense and go back to
multiple instances of modules, with permanant mutation of word

let's read the doc about mudule instances first.