Tue Apr 1 12:09:15 EDT 2008

time to start porting brood

looks like all the machinery is in place, except for incremental
compilation. time to drag library stuff over, then think about
incremental stuff.

the next problem might be 'load'. which has to be replaced by a module
based interface. the thing to solve here is 'require' in forth. this
probably requires the function that moves forms to the toplevel..

maybe 'begin-lifted' from (lib "etc.ss")

i got it working by manually collecting requires in the purrr-lang.ss
wrapper, but that's not the best way..

/usr/local/plt- require: not at module level or top level in: (require "purrr-bla.f")

now.. how to collect code from different requires?

looks like i need to get at the require before names are expanded.

OK. fixed it by expaning straight to a #%plain-module-begin