Tue Apr 1 08:51:51 EDT 2008

interpolation in ellipsis

var ...  ->   (1 2 3 var #,(bla) 4 5) ...

doesn't seem to work. trying to work around that with local syntax

this works, but it made me run into an interesting problem: the local
environment of the transformer is lost when doing something like

  ((rep: (lambda (stx) ((rpn-represent) (stx-cdr stx)))))

now, i tried to capture that environment, but apparently that doesn't
work becasue the RHS is evaluated in a different phase.

basicly, the transformer in which the let-syntax expression occurs and
the RHS are independent.

i don't see a way around this, but it might be interesting to think
more about it. i had some small bad feeling about parameters, and this
is where it goes wrong..