Wed Mar 19 10:00:21 EDT 2008


today's excursion into plt land is about comprehensions. the main

  * for-each: the concatenative program interpreter
  * for: number -> list maps, for low-level ops

hmm.. leave it for later. i fixed it like it was, but turned
interpret-list into a function (was syntax).

looks like the language is ok now. it's simpler, and hidden state is
easier to implement. purity is guaranteed by just not passing in any

so can the whole state namespace be ditched then? namespaces are still
necessary for the brood macro language, but not any more for prj. the
important thing is that there's no need for lifting, since the base
and state language syntaxes are the same now.

let's call it all scat. looks like this solves a lot of problems.