Thu Mar 6 18:25:20 CET 2008

state syntax

scat/state doesn't do anything else than switching namespace for
quoted programs. symbols need to be imported explicitly. so the
question is: how to import a bulk at once?

EDIT: forgot immediates! ok.. seems to work now.

maybe this is it:
  '(file "/home/tom/scat/scat/base/base.ss")))

not so difficult: see module->names in ns.ss

now the question is, how to map this to a 'require' form?

this doesn't seem to work, i get some strange errors that might be due
to the fact that i'm using dynamic-require into the current
namespace. what really needs to be done is just determine the exports
of a module: the module then needs to be compiled, but not

maybe 'module-compiled-exports' is a better way to get to the exports?

from scribble/search.ss:

   (get-module-code (resolved-module-path-name rmp)))])

ok.. from syntax/modcode i can use get-module-code to do this:

(define (get-exports path)
  (map car
            (lambda ()
                 (make-resolved-module-path path)))))

which works on:
(get-exports (string->path "/home/tom/scat/scat/base/ns-tx.ss"))

now i just need a way to make this work on ordinary require specs.
+ solve some problem in ns.ss (%app)

looks like i've got something that works from toplevel.. now need to
get it going in modules.

almost.. the rest is for later.