Mon Mar 3 00:38:37 CET 2008

language tower

base    snarfed scheme functional rpn
state   macro primitives
macro   forth machine wrappers

why so many?

they all solve a single problem in a very straightforward way. base
snarfs functionality from scheme, state is a lifted base + threaded
state, and macro implements the greedy machine map + peephole
optimizer using a threaded state model.

misc hacks from plane notes:

- auto snarf through contracts
- use #lang scat/base for base->base maps (is purely declarative
  language possible?)
- decouple module as unit to speed up compilation during incremental
  dev. (fake image based dev)
- get rid of @ stx for streams (scribble) / find standard streams lib
  / use lazy scheme. (brood is pure FP so why not)
- use parameters for compiler object (also for NS stuff?)