Fri Feb 29 14:26:39 CET 2008

scat without ns

how to proceed? this needs abstraction of definitions in 'composite'
macro and abstraction of 'find' in code bodies. the latter is already
worked out.

TODO: make base.ss independent of ns.ss

might be a good opportunity to start documenting. maybe try out

scribble is quite nice.

disentangling ns is not going to be simple though. there's aproblem
that i didn't think about: BROOD is fraught with occurences of
defining one language in terms of another one (i.e. primitive
macros). will this still work? i do need different namespaces. should
they also be just prefixed? => this is a core problem and needs a
proper interface!

also.. why not use real objects for the rpn-tx.ss plugin behaviour?
maybe it is overkill.