Thu Feb 21 23:23:46 CET 2008

expression problem


Mark's reply was pretty clear, and this:

  The PLT folks have used the expression problem as a springboard for
  thinking about big issues like, what does it mean to be a software
  component, and what are appropriate ways for reusing and extending a
  software component.

Is then modules/units/classes/mixins..

Swindle might be indeed a good thing to have a look at next. The whole
deal of multiple dispatch, so central to PF, is in the end something i
need to understand better.

about multimethods: cicil is mentioned here:

compression of dispatch tables?
(about PF: there's probably a way out using small number of types or
compile time type inference..)

I'm reading ``Modular Object-Oriented Programming with Units and
Mixins'' now.

The slogans make a lot of sense:

  * UNITS: Separate a module's linking specification from its
    encapsulated definitions.

  * MIXINS: Separate a class's superclass definition from its
    extending definitions.

Maybe i should give it a try?