Tue Feb 19 16:44:25 CET 2008

plt scheme study

maybe it's best to look a bit closer to the plt scheme language now
that V4 is coming out. some things i'd like to know more about are:

  * mixin class system
  * delimited control

mentioned on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plt_scheme

in addition, it would be nice to get more of the drscheme
functionality in snot, such as proper stack traces, module browser,
syntax-level refactoring.

i'll take http://zwizwa.be/darcs/sweb as the case study for
this. brood's a bit to hairy atm.

trying to make sense of:

it looks like understanding this will bring me closer to understanding
the problem in brood with "undo" at the console, and the transaction
based model i'm chasing after. yeah, vague..

reading the paper. chapter 2: the operators: shift, control, reset.
hmm.. i'm missing a lot of muscle to read that one..

ltu to the rescue:

  "Good stuff! But keep in mind that, as the cartoon in the slide
   says, control operators can make your head hurt..."

no shit..

to summarize vaguely what the 2 points are about:

  - delimited control: partial continuations: don't jump outside of

  - mixins: somewhat related to generic functions.

about the delimited continuations, it might be best to read the plt
doc on "prompt" and some related things on continuation marks and
stack traces. for mixins, i'm reading this:


from a quick skim i don't see how it's related to generic functions
though.. mixins seem interesting though i don't see the difference
with multiple inheritance. maybe that inheritance is linear instead of