Tue Feb 12 13:57:00 CET 2008

moving more code to scheme in tethered.ss

  * mzscheme with modules is quite a nice namespace management tool to
    write nontrivial programs. the big flat namespace with
    late-binding plugin behaviour in brood is a bit messy. maybe i do
    need the extra bit of mz handholding, and move plugins to
    parameterized code?

  * i really miss closures when writing cat code. names and nested
    scopes are important, and trading in a bit of conciseness for
    names (and absence of stack juggling!) is a good idea. with
    closures and macros, scheme is malleable enough to reduce red tape
    where necessary. my personal preference is moving: cat is not a
    good implementation language compared to scheme.

  * the cat intermediate language is interesting to simulate
    interactive forth: translation is really straightforward. gluing
    scheme and forth together, this layer serves well: adding scheme
    functionality to cat is straightforward + translating forth to cat
    is too.

this leaves me with the following problem to fix: ts-stack is a word
that is used to plug in the target stack bottom + pointer location. do
i keep it like that?

it looks like these things are best solved using parameters: that way
the scheme code will work too. maybe i should make a list:

  * connection (lazy-connect.ss)


  * stack location
  * flash program/erase size