Mon Feb 11 10:17:08 CET 2008


running into trouble with recursive variable expansion. the problem is
that a variable is this:

 #`((extension: name () 'name)  ;; macro quotes name
    'name #,n buffer)

which uses:

 (([qw name] [qw size] buffer)   ([variable name] [allot 'data size]))

and this in the assembler:

  (define (variable symbol value)
    ;; FIXME: no phase error logging?
    (dict-shadow-data (dict) symbol value))

so eventually, the name will get shadowed. the problem now seems to be
that there's some recursive lookup that messes things up?

lets try a test case.

   variable broem
   broem  \ <- infinite loop

ok.. conceptual error or just small bug?
just small bug: forgot parens around 'name in (extension: name () ('name)
which gave (quote name) -> recursive call