Sat Feb 9 15:25:56 CET 2008

pragmatics of macro namespaces

what about this:

  * design an s-expression syntax that has all the desired properties.

  * make the name-value binding explicit and unique: this gives
    problems with multiple entry and exit points.

  * write a translator from forth syntax

  * regenerate the macro cache, each time the language nesting level

(language <macros> <words>)

 ((a () 1 2 3)
  (b () 4 5 6))
 ((help a b)
  (broem b b b)))

nested syntax: at each point the current language sees the enclosing
macros. a compilation step compiles code into macros containing the

<macros> <defs>  ->  <macros+> <code>

each macro block begins a new language layer.

time is not right yet. maybe i should do the forth first?

no.. i need to start breaking things and building them back up to get
more insight on how to disentangle before changing the current code.