Thu Jan 31 16:01:12 CET 2008

target name space unification

name space unification would mean that the dictionary stored in the
.state file contains not only addresses, but also macros (in a form
that's specific enough to recompile).

this form needs to include lexical variables. so a dictionary item is
either a number, or a macro. target words are then just macros:

((abc 123)            ;; literal / constant / ram variable / ...
 (go  3235 execute)   ;; code
 (bla abc def))       ;; any macro code

taking into account lexical variables this can be simplified to a
single format:

((abc () (123))
 (go  () (3235 execute))
 (bla () (abc def))
 (arg (a b) (a b +)))

where the first parens are the macro lexical variables.
code that has no lexical variables is purely concatenative.

this requires quite a deep cut, but should lead to great

fork point is here.