Sun Dec 23 13:57:33 CET 2007

syntax cleanups

what about the '|' character for lexical variables?

things to be aware of:
  don't break code / or break it verbosely

again, i want to write a state machine.. i need to think a bit about
the abstractions used in forth.ss

'parser-rules' works well. the rest is hard to read. the problem seems
to be parsers that segment data, instead of taking a fixed amount of
data from the stream. these need state machines.

let's rewrite the def: parser as an example.

basicly this is forth-lex.ss, but then recursively.

OK. i've got a definition parser working which produces name, formals
list and body. now this needs to be passed upstream somehow. looks
like that is the next part to cleanup: macros can have formals, and
they need a symbolic representation for this, i.e. in the state file.

now the question is: should this be the (a b | a b +) syntax, which
requires another lexing step, or should it be an s-expression with
explicit formals list?

what about this: make lexing steps easier, and just use more lexing
steps.  forth handles parsing (recursive) at a later state than