Wed Dec 12 09:38:21 CET 2007

project scheme extensions

i need to move away from loading scheme extensions as individual
macros, but towards associating them to a project. they are
different. the distinction to make is:

 * macros from forth code: incremental, can be redefined
 * brood extensions: fixed per project

this of course leaves in the dark brood extensions as libraries.. it's
a hodge podge. what i could try is to keep the target namespace
management intact: typical forth style shadowing for both words and
macros and allow it to call scheme code.

what about a unified dictionary:
      * macros stored as symbolic code
      * ram addresses stored as macros

+ macros are allowed to postpone expansion if they reduce to single

it looks like the seed of the plan is there: it's simple and i can't
see any problems. the main difficultie lies in the difference of the
way the cat namespace works (declarative: no re-definition, all names
defined at once) and the purrr one (shadowining, incremental)