Wed Nov 21 22:31:09 CET 2007

krikit pins

input works seemingly without problems. output is going to be a bit
more problematic.. i think it's not a good idea to drive the speaker
with the pin directly.. for 2 reasons: 8 ohms is to high a load and
the drive point needs to be tolerant for analog voltages (a CMOS input
is not, and i'd like to use the PWM)

with the current setup, a PNP switch is probably best.

so, design variables:

    * PNP / NPN  (cap to ground or Vdd)
    * suppression diode?
    * feed from battery (9V) or Vdd (5v regulated)

1K with PNP on 13/RC2/CCP1

ok. make sure the speaker is not full-on, the transistor gets really hot.

running into a problem: i'm using high = off, which apparently the PWM
doesn't like: it gives a single spike. so i need to explicitly turn
off PWM.

the chip resets unexpectedly. trying now with ICD2 attached: seems to
be stable. so something's wrong with my reset circuit probably. could
be power supply stuff. some spikes..