Tue Oct 30 00:25:54 CET 2007

the big questions

probably the huge shot of caffeine i got today, but i'm in delusion /
big-idea mode again.. i run into a lot of bootstrap problems. today's
boostrap problem is debugging the debugger. somehow i think
bootstrapping is really the only significant problem.. it's the
"getting there" that's important practically, not so much the staying:
that should be obvious.

i find it a facinating subject. i need to read more about it:

 * need to play with piumarta's cola stuff: objects and lisp as ying
   and yang (though lisp has it's own ying and yang: eval and apply, i
   wonder if this is the case for objects? probably something with
   v-table lookup).

 * need to read about 3-lisp and reflective towers

 * i'm not so sure if writing a proper language bootstrap is valuable,
   but somehow it looks like yes. brood is a bootstrape exercise
   really. i'd like to end up, not necessarily at scheme but at a
   dynamic language to run on small machines.. maybe cola is the way
   to proceed?

another thing i need to read up on is partial evaluation and C code
parsing and refactoring, but that's secondary really.. maybe bootstrap
is indeed the only real problem