Wed Oct 17 14:28:38 CEST 2007

this is a simultaneous fix/todo log for the previous entry

- add default entries to dictionary on init
- single baud rate spec? mine it from forth source, or the other way around..
- standard naming for the state file?
- for chips that come with a bootloader: need to save the pristine file
- fix state file rep so it is a standard s-expression tagged with 'project'
- fix absolute path
- add 'serial' tag to port
- add a 'chip erase' or a fake one using "mark empty"

the 3 different state files:

    - init.ss         "most empty" state
    - monitor.ss      state file of bootloader only
    - prj.ss	      current state

these names are set as default, but can be overridden.

ok. done.

'monitor.ss' is never written by the application, so ppl with just a
monitor.ss file can revert to just that file (not implemented yet).