Thu Sep 27 15:57:28 CEST 2007

boot code

this is actually pretty important. once i start sending out kits, it's
not so easy to change the bootloader.

some things to note:
- monitor.state -> (dict ...) format is the only important part
- boot sector is independent of any macros : only words count
- machine model obviously needs to stay stable (hasn't changed in years)
- binary api (the monitor commands) need to stay stable

what about making the bootstrap interpreter simpler? get rid of
anything other than 'receive transmit execute', and leave the rest to
a dictionary? if there's ever a problem for portability or whatever,
this might be the way to go: this interface allows to hide all
functionality in the dictionary associated to the boot kernel. right
now it's still quite pic-specific. some things will become less
efficient though..

also, the way the code is organised, sending commands will become more
difficult. the set i have now is complete enough, and reasonably
efficient. let's keep it simple and stick with the current one.

another thing: fixing the boot block. let's try that:
setting 30000B to A0 does the trick (CONFIG6H : WRTB)