Wed Sep 26 05:11:06 CEST 2007


been thinking a bit about platforms. some ideas:

* 32 bit + asm makes no sense. GCC is your friend here, and should
  generate reasonably good code for register machines. split language
  into 2 parts: POKE for control stuff, and some kind of dataflow
  language for dsp stuff.

* AVR 8 bit makes not much sense either. there is GCC and i already
  spent a lot of time optimizing 8 bit opcodes.. learning the asm
  sounds like a waste of time.

* don't know if PIC30 makes a lot of sense. it is an interesting
  platform (PDIP available), and they are reasonably powerful, if not
  a bit weird.

maybe focus on PIC18, and a small attempt to get a basic set of words
running for PIC30?