Thu Sep 6 22:46:20 CEST 2007

parser rewrite

the end is near.. code seems to simplify a lot.

need to write 2 more generic parsers:

- delimited
- nested

interesting.. this stream business is deeper than i thought. i do run
into a problem though: (values processed rest) what if rest is only
determined if processed is completely evaluated?

by moving the 'append' to somewhere else, the forcing order can no
longer be trusted. does this really matter?? i need a break.

ok.. i got it worked out as '@split' which returns 2 values: the first
is a stream before a delimiting value, and the second is the stream

the code i have now needs a certain evaluation order. i can make it
independent of that by forcing until the rest-stream becomes true.

that works. also got @chunk-prefixed working: which separates a
prefixed stream into a stream of prefixed streams.