Tue Aug 28 14:26:07 CEST 2007

ANS Forth - poke - PF

the last question is quite an important one.. if i'm planning to write
a language for education, do i really want ANS Forth? the only reason
would be to have something 'standard', but for what reason. better

i never used ANS Forth, and the more i get into this language
simplicity thing, the more i start to dislike it. i think i have all
the elements for a decent linear VM ala PF. should fit on a pic18

and.. a cleaner language is easier to teach. moreover, a poke language
can be made safe.

is it worth to stop somewhere in the middle to use a little bit more
optimal language, instead of one based on CONS cells?

this is not something to decide in an instance, but i think life is
already complicated enough to fill it with problems created by
weirdness in ANS that i don't use.. Forth is dead. long live KAT &