Sat Aug 18 14:34:18 CEST 2007


got interaction working. i changed it so the commands available in the
interaction mode need to be specified explicitly. this has to be done
for commands that take arguments anyway, so why make an exception for

see interactive.ss

so, i've been doing the snot-run thing, which works quote well. it's a
feast that state is stored elsewhere, and my function core can be just
reloaded. however, there are a few spots where i'm using state still..

one is IO. since it's non-functional anyway, storing the name of the
serial port couldn't hurt, right? wrong.. on restart, it needs to be

i made the 'boot' word which loads all the macros from source. this is
slow, i guess because of the constants?

so maybe i should just put the constants back as scheme file..