Wed Aug 15 16:21:00 CEST 2007

better error reporting

so... it would be great to be able to relate errors to where they
occur in the source code. however, to use the builtin syntax readers i
need to move both the lexer and the parser so they can
operate/generate syntax objects.

pretty clear what's to do next then:

- rewrite forth parser so it operates on syntax objects + create a
  proper 'forth:' macro that goes with it.

- make the lexer behave as 'read-syntax'

when this is done, i should be able to compile forth files straight away.

First part was easy: driver works. The rest should be
straightforward. However, moving this to compile time requires some
phase magic...

I was thinking about doing a proper phase separation in the forth code
too. Instead of defining macros as side-effect, it's probably better
to isolate them.