Fri Jul 27 13:05:09 CEST 2007

separating syntax from semantics

I got the syntax working. Now i'd like to build an abstraction that
takes a binder macro, and produces a compiler macro:

cat-bind   ->   cat::

Assuming the structure of the language remains the same.

The problem is i keep running into compilation phase problems and i
don't really know why.

It's quite intriguing, this macro programming. Not quite the same as
regular lisp hey :) It's a bit like a lazy language with pattern
maching. Maybe it is a lazy language? Would be nice to read a bit about this..

Anyways, i do see to start some programming patterns. I have a problem
that i'd like to keep both semantics and syntax abstract. Currently, i
pass around 'compile', but it's too general. I'd like to specialize
only some compile behaviour, and keep the rest open. So: message passing!

That seems to work quite well.

Now, on to semantics.