Wed Jun 27 13:31:57 CEST 2007

updated language path

PURRR18/forth      (quote + parsing words, symbolic form is not CAT)
---> PURRR18/pure  (purely compositional macro language, has symbolic CAT form)
---> PURRR18/asm   (PIC18/asm augmented with pseudo ops)
---> PIC18/asm     (my version of the symbolic assembler language)
---> PIC18/bin     (binary machine code)

so the entry point is there to preserve original forth syntax, i.e. ":
abc". for internal processing, this will be mapped to "'abc make-:" or
as s-expression ((quote abc) make-:).

the 'make' name i need to think about still..

reason for having ' as lexing operation, instead of parsing, is that
it eliminates one parsing layer + it maps better to CAT.

this is different than forth, but in a way that is probably hardly