Wed Jun 27 11:41:28 CEST 2007

language path

FORTH with parsing words = symbolic --->
FORTH with only quote = symbolic --->
pure FORTH without quote, = compositional CAT code -->
intermediate assembler = effected macros (real asm) with pseudo asm (qw, cw, jw) -->
symbolic machine assembler -->

i should give these a name
PURRR18/forth      (quote + parsing words)
---> PURRR18/quote (pure + quoting word)
---> PURRR18/pure  (purely compositional macro language, as CAT code)
---> PURRR18/asm   (PIC18/asm augmented with pseudo ops)
---> PIC18/asm     (my version of the symbolic assembler language)
---> PIC18/bin     (binary machine code)