Mon May 21 14:16:48 CEST 2007


i think i got it now. i'm just doing parsing wrong: each parser should
have an explicit 'read' and 'write' operation. then some glue can be
constructed to compose all of them.

'read' reads the next input atom, and 'write' outputs CAT code in
parsed or symbolic form.

i need to really let this go and get the usb driver working.. rewrite
stuff accumulated thus far:

- explicit literal stack with compile postprocess
- parser with recursive composition

anyway, the bigger picture becomes visible: 3 different interpreters

- compiler is kept in compositional mode: every source atom
  corresponds to a single action in CAT

- before: parser converts multiword constructs into single word constructs

- after: assembler uses localized arguments -> not compositional, just
  a sequence of independent commands