Sun May 13 13:35:02 CEST 2007

some weird bug with forth parsing

apparently, for parsing macros (color macros) like 'load' and 'path',
there is a problem when the macro that's implementing the behaviour,
popping the name from the data stack, is not defined..

i don't know why.. maybe i need to make that macro parsing part a bit
more transparent.

currently parsing words are a bit of a hack. i need to get to the core
of the problem and fix it. again:

* forth macros are cat words, as such they are 1-1 semantic/syntactic

* forth parsing transfers parsing words to quoting code: something
  forth source cannot represent, but parsed cat code can.

maybe i need a symbolic intermediate form, where lists are quoted
explicitly? like PF. with a mapping like:

(load file.f) -> (('file.f load) run)

hmm.. it's probably just a bad day to make decisions.

ok. calmed down a bit.

load-usb is working now.
next: hands on transfer.