Thu Mar 29 16:12:22 EDT 2007

downward funargs

so, attempt to create a 'downward lambda' for poke. allocating on
stack for now, with later possibility to allocate on heap. how hard is
this to have in some form?

- all cells are the same size
- values are pointers to 'object'

this needs quite a bit of support:
- environments
- closures

the function bodies themselves take:
- environment
- arg list (part of environment?)

a function invokation is:
- create environment extension
- run function
- cleanup environment extension

	object_t env[3]; // parent + 2 variables

	// invoke a function 'FUN'
		// create new environment
		object_t ext[2];
		ext[0] = env;     // link parent
		ext[1] = 123;     // init first and only arg
		FUN(ext)          // invoke fun

this resembles PICO.

ok.. going a bit too far here. what about introducing these features
when they are really needed?

one question though.. if only downward closures are needed, why not
use dynamic binding instead?