Wed Mar 28 10:57:34 EDT 2007


let's write poke again, the PF vm. the first thing i need to do is to
generate C code from some sort of s-expression.

expression conversion seems trivial, just need to distinguish between
the bultin infix operators, and prefix expressions with comma
separated argument lists.

statements are more problematic. bodies are straightforward, but how
to handle special forms like for/while/do ?

seems i got most of it running now. main features:
- an s-expression interpreter with a primitive and a composite level
- used to implement 2 interpreters for statements and expressions

now i was thinking if it would be possible to create some kind of
downward lambda. i can't use the gcc extension..

yes, but i do need to allocate ALL functions in structures, meaning
explicit activation recors, and use lexical addresses. if this is
used, it's better to completely forget about any local C variables.